Learn how to develop your own black and white film during our Workshop on Saturday 29/11 💎

Refresher Session - Use our Darkroom for Black and White Printing


Refresher Session to use our Darkroom - Black and White Printing

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Thank you for showing interest in the Mori Darkroom!

This course is compulsory 1 hours session you need to take before being able to access our darkroom.

This session is for you if:

  • You already have experience in the darkroom but haven't been in a darkroom for a while and need a small refresher before being confident again.
  • You already have experience, are comfortable in a darkroom but have never been in our darkroom before.

If you don't have any darkroom experience please book a beginner course right here:

Workshop - Black and White Darkroom Printing Class - Beginner

Once you have completed the course you will automatically be allowed to access our darkroom!

Course is multi lingual and can be given in French and English depending on the attendees.

Paper is included, don't forget to bring your black and white negatives.

Taking this course will also automatically give you access to our darkroom membership.